The Tom Devitt Award - 2013 Norm Holmes - Les Marmitons Niagara (Shared)

 Norm Holmes is a founding member of the Niagara Chapter and his involvement has grown steadily through the years. He is the consummate gentleman. Good-natured and soft spoken, but full of life and with a wonderful sense of humour.

He has been a tireless booster for the Chapter and has been fully involved in all of the events from the regular monthly outings to the fundraisers and all the way to the annual summer BBQ.

Norm has truly embraced the motto of “Friendship through gastronomy”. He warmly welcomes new members to the chapter and has supported the establishment of new chapters, including Barrie and London.

Norm is a good friend and a great Marmiton. He has always called himself “just another guy”, but he is much more than that.