The Tom Devitt Award - 2013 Larry Lodisio - Les Marmitons Atlanta (Shared)


Larry Lodisio’s leadership ability and unfailing good nature was recognized very shortly after he joined the Atlanta Chapter.  As a result, he became chapter president a few short years after joining.

He served as chapter president for six years, during which he was always cordial and helpful to all of the chapter's members, and the chapter grew in membership and friendliness.
Throughout his presidency, Larry went to great lengths to convince members to attend international events, and to stir up enthusiasm among attendees in advance of the actual visit
In times when differing opinions among attendees at LMI business meetings became a bit strident, Larry was often the friendly, considerate moderator, thus helping everyone to enjoy themselves more and share the Marmitons spirit.

As Sr. VP of LMI, Larry is responsible for new chapter development, a task that lends itself well to his congenial, helpful way with prospective new chapter leaders.