The Tom Devitt Award

2018 - Glen McArter - Les Marmitons Calgary


Glen McArter has been a strong member of the Calgary chapter since 2004.  He attends as many events as possible and is always willing to step up to lead a team, provides feedback and ideas to the betterment of our chapter, suggests chefs and promotes the club in the community. 

Our board believes Glen deserves to be nominated and ultimately rewarded with this honor is due to his tireless efforts around leading our charity event at our local Drop Inn Centre: feeding the homeless a sit-down meal that is prepped, prepared and served by our members and their friends and families.  The effort required and the time Glen dedicates to ensuring a successful weekend is unbelievable.  Glen coordinates with the Chef and staff at the Drop Inn Centre.  He prepares menus, arranges volunteers and works with the local food provider to ensure the best price for product and that it is where it needs to be at the right time. He coordinates the prep day on Saturday where one set of volunteer’s preps for all three courses and then gets the food back to the Drop Inn Centre.  Sunday usually starts at 4:30 AM and Glen is there coordinating and encouraging both the members and the volunteers who attend to help serve the sit-down meal.  And while this is going on, he also ensures that volunteers help make sandwiches which feed the clientele of the Drop Inn Centre for a couple of weeks after the event. 

Glen has been leading this for about the last 7 or 8 years and each year gets smoother and more efficient – with any leftover money being donated back to purchase kitchen equipment.  Over the years, we have contributed to Rational Ovens and a new tilt skillet as an example.  This year’s event, we feed about 3,000 people in all three meals and made about 3,000 sandwiches as well, all under budget and on time and the additional funds were used to purchase new rolling carts. 

Glen definitely deserves to be recognized for his contributions and the Calgary board is honored to support his nomination for the Tom Devitt Award.