The Tom Devitt Award - 2012 Dean Owens - Les Marmitons Canton


Dean joined Les Marmitons of Atlanta in September 1997 and attended his first annual event in Ottawa in May of 1998, where he had the privilege of meeting the likes of Tom Devitt, Ian Sneddon, Alan Hart, Peter Zuloff, David Butler, Paul Yanover, Karl Linblad, Gerald Ross, Scott Kingsland, Richard Moss, along many others at this life altering event. He and Glenda were equally impressed with the events they attended in Ottawa to include the presentation and quality of the food and wine they readily enjoyed! Above all, they were blown away with the warmth and kindness they received from all of the Les Marmitons couples they met. They never forgot how this reception made them feel and vowed to always renew these new found friendships at subsequent annual events.

In 1998, Dean joined the Board of the Atlanta Chapter where he served over the years with distinction. During his tenure on the Board, Dean chaired an annual event in Canton, Georgia and an Executive Meeting in Woodstock, Georgia where many of the participants were guests in various members’ homes. He also chaired the fundraising effort for the 2006 Annual Event in Atlanta that raised over $40,000. He later joined with JP Jobin and Phil Meade from the Atlanta Chapter to help start the Canton Chapter in 2007.

Dean prides himself on being a stirring advocate of our motto “From Friendship to Gastronomy” and he is very honored to receive this award that is named after a very dear friend in this Brotherhood.