The Tom Devitt Award - 2015 Ron Laird - Les Marmitons Canton

Charlie Dollar was a charter member of the Canton chapter when it was formed in April of 2008 and was elected to the Board of Directors at the first meeting of the organization.  Charlie was an enthusiastic, involved and dedicated member of Les Marmitons in Canton and for the past several years served as Vice President – Chef Relations, a job with the responsibility of securing chefs for the monthly cooking events.

Charlie was described as someone who took his job seriously but was never serious about it.  No matter the circumstances when dealing with chefs, Charlie maintained a cheerful and engaging outlook and never allowed the challenges of securing and dealing with chefs to get him down.  He was constantly on the lookout for new chefs, asking to speak with chefs at restaurants when dining out, explaining the Marmitons concept and following up on “likely prospects” to gain their acceptance for a guest chef appearance.  In eight years with Charlie in charge of “chef prospecting”, the Canton chapter only had one event without a chef and that was due to a last minute cancellation.


In addition to being an effective “chef gatherer”, Charlie was also the heart and soul of the chapter.  Charlie had a friendly, approachable manner about him and was always ready help a member with a question or a problem.  He was especially effective in explaining the Marmitons concept to prospective new members and when new members came to events, Charlie was always there to encourage, instruct and advise.  His easy manner and relaxed attitude brought a warmth and good spirit to any event or meeting he participated in.

Sadly, Charlie passed away in March of this year but his dedication, humor, warmth and spirit will remain in the hearts of all who knew him.

Ron Laird was very touched to have been selected to receive this award in Charlie’s honour.