2013 Sonny Olasker – Les Marmitons Calgary (Co-winner)

Sonny Olasker has always been the heart and soul of the Calgary Chapter as well as one of the biggest supporters of LMI. He has been Treasurer of the Calgary Chapter for as long as anyone can remember. When the Calgary Chapter had its financial difficulties, Sonny MADE SURE the Calgary Chapter survived, and it became one of the largest and most successful chapters.
Sonny has attended numerous International Galas and working fall meetings, always ready to lend a hand to LMI to ensure the organization was strong via cooperation amongst the chapters.
Sonny was instrumental in organizing both the LMI Galas held in Calgary. He was also a leader in the fall working meeting that was held in Calgary a few years ago.
If that wasn’t enough, Sonny was one of the members that started the successful Calgary Chapter annual charity event to feed the homeless in Calgary. This is held during the last weekend of January.