2019/20  Scott Kingsland – Les Marmitons Québec City







If Scott was not from the founding group of "Les Marmitons de Montréal" in 1977, we must recognize that he played a leading role in the development of this original idea that evolved into Les Marmitons International (LMI).  Scott became a member of the Marmitons de Québec in 1996, when this section was just two years old.  His involvement quickly earned him a seat on the board of directors in 1998 and three years later he became president of the Quebec Chapter, a position he still holds (and which no one thinks of taking away from him). 

From the International side, he has been a director of LMI since 1998 and in 2001, he replaced Jean-Pierre Jobin as President.  During the ten years of this mandate, Scott multiplied the number of chapters, nine of which were added during his mandate.  It practically doubled!  We can imagine what this can mean in terms of communicating, coaching, support, paperwork, not to mention the many trips involved in meetings and special events.  No wonder all Marmitons, from here and abroad, know Scott and appreciate this colorful, dynamic, and enthusiastic character.

The Marmitons who rub shoulders with Scott on a regular basis unanimously recognize that he is a particularly rigorous person.  The decorum of our epicurean encounters is one of his priorities.  It is always he who sets up the table plan and supervises its execution.  He always goes back behind to adjust the layout of such utensil or other accessory.  For the artist that he is, visual presentation holds great importance. 

He is a disciplined person and he expects the Marmitons present at events to be as well.  He does not hesitate to call order when necessary.  Let us also admire the fact that he always communicates in French, his second language, out of respect for the people to whom he speaks.  The only exception to this rule that he imposes on himself, is the traditional "up yours" that he throws with a stentor voice when making a toast.

Jovial, positive, sociable, we easily forgive him for the fact that he almost never cooks, too busy taking pictures of us so photos will be available to us the next morning.

Let's be honest, everyone has flaws or weaknesses and Scott is no exception to this rule.  At virtually every event, Scott has to repeatedly goes through determining the right number of plates he expects – numerous times.  Some even thought of offering him a calculator. This being his only flaw, we easily forgive him at every event.

Therefore, for his personality, his attitude, his assiduity as well as for the success achieved in his many achievements, Scott Kingsland fully deserves to receive the Jean-Pierre Jobin Award for the 2019/2020 season.