2012 Robert Maher – Les Marmitons de Montreal

Robert Maher was elected President of the Montreal Marmitons when the club during a period of several months when there were no activities organized or planned. He managed to put together an executive team who were filled with enthusiasm and determination to put the club back on track. He was responsible for the successful celebration of our 30th anniversary in 2007. He also spear headed the celebration in 2012 where we celebrated our 35th anniversary with many members of Les Marmitons International in attendance.

He is a great democrat and every Marmiton is very important for him. Without his great dedication, many feel that Les Marmitons de Montreal would no longer exist. His organizational skills, dedication, enthusiasm and especially his great leadership, were the winning combination that created a renaissance for Les Marmitons de Montreal. In addition, he is a member of the board of Les Marmitons International.
This is perfect Marmitons to be honored with this award.