2018 - Jean-Michel Dessureault – Les Marmitons Montreal

Jean -Michael has been a member of Les Marmitons since 2007.  Since joining the Montreal Chapter of Les Marmitons, Jean-Michel has demonstrated dedication and enthusiasm towards both LMI & Montreal Chapter. 

Jean-Michel constantly sets the bar very high demonstrating standards of conduct, compliance with regulations, discipline in the kitchen and everywhere else. Jean-Michel represents Les Marmitons exceptionally and this does not include all the hours dedicated to finding unique chefs for each of our events. 

Jean-Michel has been instrumental in putting the Montreal chapter back on the path towards viability and contributes every day to make us a stronger chapter - now at 65 members.  Jean-Michel also demonstrates a strong sense of respect and consideration towards all members.  His outstanding dedication and direction at all levels to encourage and promote the growth of friendship and gastronomy through LMI through supporting the International Gala for many years. 

At our cooking events, he often sacrifices himself by not cooking in order to make sure we have everything available and are supported in the kitchen.  He regularly demonstrates a desire to serve - beyond the level normally required at the international level. 

Lastly, as soon as I announced to the members that I was planning to propose Jean-Michel for the JP Jobin award, all members present that day signed on supporting this nomination.  Jean-Michel definitely represents the essence and spirit of John-Pierre Jobin whom he has met and spent time with at many Galas.

Bien à vous